Medieval period india

The bigger ones tried to establish their supremacy in northern India and the Deccan. The main contenders in this struggle for supremacy were the Pratiharas, the Palas and the Rashtrakutas. In the south the most powerful kingdom to emerge during this period was that of the Cholas. The Cholas brought about the political unification of large parts of the country but the general political picture was that of fragmentation particularly in northern India.

Medieval period india

The Rajputs were known for their bravery and chivalry but family feuds and strong notions of personal pride often resulted into conflicts.

The Rajputs weakened each other by constant wrangling. The disunity among Rajputs allowed the foreigners Turks to enter India. The defeat of Prithvi Raj Chauhan the greatest Rajput warrior of the time at the hands of Mohammad Ghori, in the battle of Tarainmarked a new chapter in the history of India.

With this the Delhi Sultanate came into being.

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Aibak was followed by his slave, Iltutmism, who was succeeded by his daughter, Razia - Razia sat on the throne of Delhi for a short while. Alauddin Khalji - AD was not only a distinguished commander but also an able administrator. He is remembered for his military campaigns in the south as well as market reforms and price control measures.

Medieval period india

Muhammad Bin Tughlaq - AD was a visionary who but unfortunately all his projects failed. His most controversial project was the transfer of capital from Delhi to Daulatabad. The Sultanate introduced, in the sub continent, the Islamic concepts of society and governance, and thus prepared the ground for a dazzling interaction between two world civilizations.

He was a descendant of Timur as well as Changez Khan. He was ousted by his own cousins from his small principality in Central Asia and sought fortune in India.

Babar came to India and defeated Ibrahim, the last Lodi Sultan in Babar was succeeded by his son Humayun but he was ousted from Delhi by Sher Shah, an Afghan chieftain.

Though Sher Shah AD ruled only for a brief period of almost five years yet he showed great administrative skills. He is remembered as the builder of the Grand Trunk road and also for reforms in the revenue system.

Though Humayun was successful in regaining Delhi but he was not destined to rule Delhi for long and died the same year. With this began the reign of one of the most glorious rulers of India, Akbar the great.

Akbar AD consolidated political power and extended his empire over practically the whole of north India and parts of the south. Akbar was a great ruler and very well realized that if the empire was to attain stability, enough attention should be paid to all the subjects.This short write-up on medieval Indian history contains information on history of medieval India and India in Medieval period.

Medieval period is an important period in the history of India because of the developments in the field of art and languages, culture and religion.

Also the period has witnessed the impact of. studying the state and society of medieval India, usually divide the period into Early Medieval Period and Late Medieval Period.

According to them the Early Medieval period refer to the phase of Indian history that stretches from the fall of the Gupta Empire to the beginning of .

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Medieval period india

The Medieval period of India can be viewed as covering the centuries between the end of the last great ancient empire, that of the Gupta, and the rise of the greta Mughal empire, in the 16th century. Online History Guide about Medieval India, History of Medieval India, Medieval period in India, Early medieval India, medieval indian history, Delhi sultanate, Mughal empire on Important Facts about Medieval India.

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