Fields which contributed to the growth

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Fields which contributed to the growth

APAs initial objective was the advancement of Psychology as a science Cattell,cited in Sokal,p. It was APAs lack of recognition for applied psychology during those early years, however, that served as the impetus for organizing industrial and organizational psychology.

For 50 years following the establishment of APA, psychologists with applied interests requested that APA respond to their needs e. Reluctantly, APA created a Section of Clinical Psychology in to accommodate the applied psychologists in clinically-related jobs, however, nothing was created for industrial or educational psychologists.

Shortly thereafter, it became obvious to the clinical psychologists and other APA members with applied interests that APA was not going to revise its original objective of advancing psychology as a science and consequently, would not recognize applied areas of psychology.

Applied psychologists sought other professional organizations to pursue their interests. It consisted mostly of clinical and educational psychologists and a small core of industrial Fields which contributed to the growth.

InACPs president, Gertrude Hildreth, suggested that a committee of industrial psychologists be created to work for the improvement of status among industrial psychologists, and possibly develop a set of standards and code of ethics Report of the Committee on Psychology in Industry, as cited in Benjamin, b, p.

ACP also established a national journal for professional psychologists called the Journal of Consulting Psychology. Tension continued to grow within APA as a result of its inadequate attention to the interests of applied and professional psychologists. Inunder Fryers leadership, members of several applied groups including APAs clinical section, ACP, and other local and state groups, formed the American Association of Applied Psychology AAAP as a national association to represent the interests of applied psychology.

Section D, Industrial and Business, was one of four sessions created within the organization. The other three sections were clinical, consulting, and educational.

Later, a section for military psychology was added. Although the membership was small, it included the most visible industrial psychologists of the time.

Four of the total of eight AAAP presidents had industrial interests: Fryer, Paterson, Bingham, and Poffenberger. Membership was dominated by university-based psychologists although many psychologists employed full-time in industry were members. AAAP,cited in Benjamin, b, p. Inthese groups agreed to merge and reorganize as the national psychological association in the U.

All members had to be actively engaged in the application or study of psychology in business, industry, public service or allied vocational fields and whose activities are in conformity with the standards adopted by the Division. Burtt,as cited in Benjamin, a, p.

The membership was split between fellows and associates as defined in the original bylaws. These two categories prevailed until when the APA changed its membership designation to add the category of memberand to redefine fellow as an individual who made outstanding contributions to psychology.

Previous fellows attained the new fellow status if they desired. InDivision 14 voted to eliminate the associate category, which was then restored by the division in The five goals of Division 14, Industrial and Business Psychology, were to: Member dissatisfaction with APA surfaced again during the s.

Over the course of the twentieth century, APAs emphasis changed from scientific issues to practice issues, primarily in the health care area. The shift in emphasis and other issues see Benjamin, a; Hakel, ; Campbell, led members of Division 14 to explore ways for addressing concerns with APA.

Fields which contributed to the growth

One option was to establish some independence from APA by incorporating as a society. According to HakelIncorporation as The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology was proposed to provide Division 14 with an independent and secure base, to sharpen our public identity, to increase member identification with our organization, to gain flexibility and responsiveness in dealing with legal EEO issues, to gain more control over our financial affairs, and to enable us better to pursue opportunities.

Criteria for membership and additional objectives of the society as stated in the bylaws are located in the SIOP Annual Membership Directory. The organization has experienced changes with regard to structure, membership, and activities, primarily due to the expansion of the discipline and the growth of membership see Benjamin, a.

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