A description of being stranded on a deserted island

Brian, Live Free Live Natural. July 29,a sperm whale was stranded on Tershelling, a northern island in the Netherlands. A rescue attempt was attempted, but unfortunately the whale died. A young adult at

A description of being stranded on a deserted island

The fault line in this election has already been exposed, by an unlikely person called Duncan Storrar. He lives in public housing, has two young children and works as an itinerant truck driver. The media has of course since revealed that he is not in fact the Messiahbut his job was already done.

Duncan asked the panel why the income tax cuts in the budget will only go to rich people who won't notice them, when a small cut would change the lives of people in his position. We notice that sort of stuff. O'Dwyer's considered response to the conundrum which Duncan was expressing neatly illustrates what this election, in economic terms, is really all about.

We want to grow the economy, we want to create more jobs. We want to give people an incentive to work, to invest in their businesses and to employ people and create better lives for themselves.

That is what our plan is all about Now, you might say, "Well, that's terrible," but it's not, because what it does is it creates more jobs.

It will mean that those businesses can reinvest and employ more people. Later in the debate, she added: I have sat down with small business, because I'm the Small Business Minister and I've talked to them.

He's going to derive more revenue and he's told me that he is going to put more people on. This is the result of the changes we are making.

It will affect people's lives in a very positive way. O'Dwyer was stating in simple language the theory of supply-side, or "trickle-down", economics. It is the central economic foundation of the great neo-liberal experiment which has dominated Western economies since Ronald Reagan took office in The idea is easy to grasp: If the government provides incentives to businesses and their owners to work harder and invest more, by reducing the tax they pay on their earnings, then they will naturally and inevitably use the extra money to produce a higher level of economic growth, which will create more and higher-paying jobs, in a virtuous circle which ends up benefiting absolutely everyone - even the poor.

Descriptive Writing Prompt: Deserted Island

O'Dwyer's cafe owner exemplifies this cycle: The government is giving him a tax cut; he will use the extra money to buy expensive equipment which will make his business more efficient and productive, enabling him to serve more customers, for which he will need to hire more staff.

What's not to love in that equation of economic turbo-charging? Well, let's test the theory with an another small business owner - me. Will we use it to create jobs? No, we won't, and it isn't because we're greedy lawyers.

It's because we're being sold a cheap con. For starters, O'Dwyer was talking rubbish to Duncan. Secondly, the accelerated depreciation is a timing benefit only; you may pay less tax in the first year, but over time your tax bill will be no different. The potential benefit isn't less tax; it's the extra revenue and profit you hope will flow from buying more equipment, which you hope to afford by getting the upfront deduction.

It's not a bad thing for small businesses, but the Howard government's Review of Business Taxation failed to find a compelling case that accelerated depreciation actually benefits the economy through higher business investment. As for the actual tax cut - OK, our business will pay 2.

What will the shareholders in that business do with the extra money? We'll save it, so that we can give it to the ATO to cover the corresponding increase in our personal income tax bills. The ultimate owners of companies are people, and they pay income tax on their dividend earnings.

A description of being stranded on a deserted island

If the company is paying less tax, then the franking credit on the dividends is reduced, so the amount the individual shareholders have to pay to make up the difference goes up by the same amount. The net effect is zero. The resulting economic growth is also zero. It's true that two types of companies and shareholders will derive a net benefit from a company tax cut.

First, companies that reinvest the extra profit rather than distribute it as a dividend will get a benefit. However, most small businesses distribute all their profits as dividends because their owners rely on that as their personal income.

Secondly, there are the shareholders who don't pay income tax in Australia, either because they live overseas or because they use Panama-style tax "minimisation" structures.If I Were On a Deserted Island.

4 Pages Words January If I was stranded with my classmates on a deserted island, I honestly don’t know what I would do. After about two weeks of being castaways, I began to run low on food and water, I start to think this is the best time to set me plan into motion.

I see one of my former. Stranded on a Desert Island essaysIf I were stranded on a deserted island, I would want to be stranded there with Aragorn from "The Lord of the Rings." He is very . Stranded [Jeff Probst, Chris Tebbetts] on plombier-nemours.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

A description of being stranded on a deserted island

A New York Times Bestseller! As seen on The Today Show, Rachael Ray. Description. Being Stranded On A Desert Island Isn’t So Bad A man was stranded on a desert island with only his dog for company.

One day he saw something wash up in the surf. Funny jokes to tell. Jokes that make you laugh. Funny joke video. Bad jokes dad jokes. July 29, , a sperm whale was stranded on Tershelling, a northern island in the Netherlands. A rescue attempt was attempted, but unfortunately the whale died.

A young adult at meters was taken for a necropsy at the port of Harlington. The sperm whale had plastic in its stomach, an increasing common phenomenon say researchers at the Biodiversity Centre Naturalis. The description was almostidentical to his own and after his wife left him, he felt as if he was marooned on a deserted island.

The story takes place in the s on a deserted island 3/5(2).

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