A comparison of cane and georgia dusk by jean toomer

Becky is a white woman cast out by the community because she has two black sons.

A comparison of cane and georgia dusk by jean toomer

The basic rhythm is iambic pentameter; in each stanza, the first and fourth and the second and third lines rhyme abba, cddc. The title establishes a specific time of day and geographical location.

A comparison of cane and georgia dusk by jean toomer

In the poem, Toomer presents the emotions evoked by the end of a day in the Deep South. Jean Toomer begins with the sky, herald of sunset.

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As he paints a picture of the colorful sky, he creates a mood. The sky is too lazy and passive to prolong the splendid sunset. The reader is encouraged to adopt a similar mood, one that is receptive to the sequence of emotions presented by the poem. Toomer indicates that the activity is secret and at least partly religious in nature.

The reader is invited to watch and listen along with the poet. After introducing the African Americans who are celebrating, Toomer shifts the mood again in stanza 3, returning to the quiet picture of the Georgia scene.

While human activity stops with the sound of the sawmill whistle, the growing season of nature continues. The entire section is words. Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this 7-page Georgia Dusk study guide and get instant access to the following:By Jean Toomer About this Poet An important figure in African-American literature, Jean Toomer (—) was born in Washington, DC, the grandson of the first governor of African-American descent in the United States.

Use of Imagery in Jean Toomer's Cane Essay - Use of Imagery in Jean Toomer's Cane Dusk. It is that darker side of twilight when the sun has just set, but the moon has yet to take full charge. It is a time of mergings, of vagueness and ambiguity, when an end and a beginning change places.

Their voices rise..

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the chorus of the cane Is caroling a vesper to the stars.. O singers, resinous and soft your songs Above the sacred whisper of the pines, Give virgin lips to cornfield concubines, Bring dreams of Christ to dusky cane-lipped throngs.

William Stanley Braithwaite wrote, “Cane is a book of gold and bronze, of dusk and flame, of ecstasy and pain, and Jean Toomer is a bright morning star of a new day of the race in literature." Countee Cullen sent him a congratulatory note. s: Artists like Pablo Picasso and Jean Toomer create works with a distorted sense of reality, working with the new artistic principle of modernism, which rejects traditional forms.

Today: Postmodernism has rejected modernism by embracing traditional principles in an ironic way, mocking the humorless, serious "artistic" attitude of the moderns.

Toomer lived through a time and in a place where he was able to see the terrible effects that slavery still had on the American people, especially in the south. The title, Georgia Dusk, provides that setting, revealing that he is talking about society at large, but there is also a specific focus on the south.

A comparison of cane and georgia dusk by jean toomer
Cane - Chapter 9 "Georgia Dusk" Summary & Analysis